MEDA302 Week 5

For my final project, I had been considering including a video work as well as some still photographs. I have recently started taking photographs again after a few years of being focus purely on video, which is why I was wanting include both in my project. After discussing this with Matt, we thought that it could be interesting to combine both video and photography to create a cinemagraph.

“A cinemagraph is actually a still photograph created to contain a small moving element while the rest of the image remains perfectly frozen… Most cinemagraphs present a loop movement of that chosen element, tree branches moving with the wind, steam coming off the street vent or eyes blinking.” (Vera Mevorah).

Here’s an article about cinemagraphs:

I thought that this could be an interesting technique to incorporate in to my final project. Whether it would be entirely made up of cinemagraphs, or only a few throughout my film, I’m not sure. Some ideas of cinemagraphs that I could create for my project are: tree’s blowing in the wind, water flowing down a river, cars driving through the city, clouds moving in the sky.

I found a tutorial on how to create a cinemagraph, so before going out and trying to create one for my project, I tried to recreate the one demonstrated in the tutorial.

Below is my attempt at recreating this cinemagraph



MEDA 302 Week 2

The piece of writing I chose that might act as a seed for thinking about ‘futures’ comes from musician Father John Misty (Joshua Tillman). I have taken some lyrics from his song  Ballad Of The Dying Man, 2017.

“Oh, in no time at all
This’ll be the distant past

Eventually the dying man takes his final breath
But first checks his news feed to see what he’s ’bout to miss
And it occurs to him a little late in the game
We leave as clueless as we came
For the rented heavens to the shadows in the cave
We’ll all be wrong someday”

I think this is an interesting piece of writing that makes us think about the day in age we live in, one that is dominated by technology and social media.

For the major project I am going to be creating a video work. I have recently rediscovered a passion for photography after leaving it alone for a few years to focus on video, so I may possibly include some still photographs into my work. These may be printed and hung on the wall next to the projected video, or there photographs within the film.

I have spent the last few months brainstorming ideas for a concept for the film. I have been inspired by our planet and also inspired by the way humans poorly treat our planet. Because this is an extremely broad concept to try and tackle, I then dug deeper to try and focus on a specific topic that comments on our planet and humans relationship with it.

I came to the conclusion that I was going to make a video work about the way in which we preserve designated spots of land, such as national parks. I also want to draw on the fact that whilst this is a good thing, it’s a shame that because we have a piece of land that can’t be touched or developed on, humans feel more than happy to do whatever they like with the rest of the land. Cities are polluted, busy, and new buildings are constantly under construction. However, it is still nice to have the national parks to be able to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities, and really appreciate the land. “The human imprint on the global environment has now become so large and active that it rivals some of the great forces of Nature in its impact on the functioning of the Earth system” (Will Stefen, 2011). Humans have become a force of nature. We are the first species to actively transform our planet. By transforming the land we also transform the Earth’s climate and we have made irreversible changes to the Earth’s system. Whilst we are creating, we are also destroying our Earth. We are creating destruction.

Create: bring into existence

Destruction: the action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired

This is the topic I want to portray in my final project.


MEDA302 Week 1

In week 1 we distinguished the differences between art, craft, and research and discussed the relationships between them and how they can overlap when undergoing a project. To get a good understanding of these terms we mapped out a venn diagram. Our diagram focused on film making, and what components of film making fit into art, craft or research, and where they overlap. A few questions that came up when drawing out this diagram were: What is the difference between a Hollywood film and an art film? Is a Hollywood film art? What does an art film have that a Hollywood film doesn’t? Creativity? Concept driven? Experimental? Abstract? image